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    ♥ Chance
    Tuesday, May 11, 2010 -{'12:19 AM
    Finally she came back le.
    She is facing some troubles,
    but Im not beside her and cant do anything to help her.
    SO BAD!!!!!
    Hope she can faster to settle her problems la.
    Actually Im waiting for a chance which given by her,
    but I wont get it easily.
    When I can get it, I dun know, but I wont give up.
    She is the special one to me.
    It is like a magic, attract me so much.
    Last night, I dream her!!!
    HAHAHAHA~ So funny.
    In the dream,
    she is smiling to me and we were hanging out.
    Her smile, her action....
    everything from her,
    so cute!
    I like her so much.
    I miss her~
    ♥ LOVE
    Saturday, May 8, 2010 -{'1:56 AM
    So long didnt update my blog...
    Last time my blog only for a girl, who is AngelYing..
    But I think I wont have any chance with her again le. Cause she has a boy friend who she love so much. Hope she will have the happiness she wants from him.
    After break with her, my life totally changed. I become another guy...
    Maybe it is good to me. I hope so.
    After few months, I meet another girl....
    Start from the beginning, Im not sure I really like her or not,
    and she always said Im FA FA GONG ZI..
    hahaha~ so funny.
    But now, Im sure I love her so much, I miss her so much.
    She may wont trust me, but I dun care. Because those are my heart words~
    Everytimes, when she said HAI XIU (mandarin), I feel so cute for her sound.
    I like to chat phone with her,
    even though she less to talk and I keep on talk to talk blablabla...
    Sometimes, she treat me so rude.
    But I didnt mind and angry, because she just be herself
    She told me, she had miss a bit...wuahahaha~
    happy sei me!!!!!!!!! EXCITED!!!!!!!!
    The first time she said so~
    Hope she faster come back, I want meet her and look at her eyes~
    I think I should say

    TO YOU
    ♥ Crying day.
    Sunday, March 7, 2010 -{'7:38 AM
    I think I couldnt say you hurt me.
    It is only myself DAMN stupid to keep on hurt by you.
    NVM, you hurt ba.
    Cause my heart is belongs to you.
    Today is sunday,
    last time I have many activity in sunday,
    but today I went out with my leaders..
    Ya, I should happy,
    cause at least still have they accompany me.
    Actually we went for work.
    After work, they gt a new plan,
    E BOX!!
    We went to e box,
    sing k.
    Start from the beginning,
    I still fine,
    I still can sing well.
    But when I choose some songs that like talking abt my situation.
    My tear came out,
    lucky my leaders didnt saw me cried.
    But they knw what is happening.
    So, they scold me.
    They said me SOA HEI.
    They asked me stop love you and dun keep on put my love on you.
    I silent!
    I said nothing.
    But actually my heart is gonna pain till I cant tahan.
    I went to toilet,
    look at the mirror.
    I really think that Im SOA HEI.
    But NVM again,
    let me continue be a SOA HEI ba,
    cause I love you.
    Because of him, you never care my feeling.
    Although you said you had care my feeling,
    but your attitude told me,
    Nvm, it is okays.
    because I love you.
    Actually Im nt stupid,
    but why I can let you hurt again and again?
    Because the same reason.
    I LOVE YOU!!!!
    I asked why you dun care my feeling,
    you said you love him, so you just care him.
    Do you still remember,
    you also love me so much in last time?
    How can you hurt me like that?
    You can ignore me whole day,
    but you said you cant lost me.
    Until today, you also said you cant lost me,
    and the most important is...
    But, if you really cant lost me,
    why you can always ignore me?
    Actually I have a present nid to give you,
    but now I dun knw when I can see you again.
    I dun knw when I can pass it to you.
    Nvm, I think you also feel interesting on my present?
    because Im not important than your boy.
    Sorry, to say too much.
    Actually I have no qualification to say too much,
    and you wont care what I said.
    In your eyes & mind just have him.
    You are totally give up me.
    You give up every promise that you promise me before.
    I really hope you can care my feeling,
    I beg you.
    God, I beg you too.
    KONG SIEW WENG, pls stop crying,
    I will leave here soon,
    so you and your boy can couple happily.
    Hope he really wont beat you again.
    Hope you choose the right one.
    Im ok,
    just let me keep the sadness..
    until the day I leave the world.

    ♥ TIRED
    Saturday, March 6, 2010 -{'9:34 AM
    Tired le.
    Really hurt enough by you le.
    what you said is correct,
    think positive ba.
    Last night you told me you nt love him,
    today you told me you confirm him.
    What a big different?
    I really feel you are fooling me.
    What your blog wrote,
    you think that is a best way to me?
    You think now you simple give me a girl be my girl friend,
    really can help me?
    Maybe it is what your own mind thinking,
    but nt me.
    Why all the people like to help me make any decision?
    Can let me choose once ma?
    First time said bad word in my blog,
    but I think no one care.
    You like me?
    You told me many times.
    But I really cant feel now.
    Heart Dead!!!!
    If you really like me,
    you wont whole day dun find me and ignore me in full day.
    If you really like me,
    you wont hurt me again and again.
    If you really like me,
    you wont changed me from the confirmation to break.
    If you really like me,
    you wont always care him more than me.
    If you really like me,
    you wont asked me go to find another girl.
    If you really like me,
    you want let me alone.
    If you really like me,
    you wont forget all your promise,even a simple promise.
    I remember you said I always said I LOVE YOU to you.
    But I think, the word I said most to you is...
    When you dun care me,
    I said nvm.
    When you did wrong,
    I said nvm.
    When you hurt me again and again,
    I said nvm.
    When you choose him nt me,
    I said nvm.
    When you said you love me but belongs to him,
    I said nvm.
    When you ignore & scold me,
    I said nvm.
    I just knw how to forgive you,
    and say nvm.
    Therefore, I hurt myself again and again.
    But I still remain the same that how much I love you.
    When you went out with me, you will repy him so fast,
    but when you go out with him,
    you can ignore me whole day.
    I knw I just a normal guy to you,
    You want kick me out from your world,
    I follow what you want me do.
    You knw yourself nt love him like last time so deep,
    but you also choose him not me.
    You still dun wan give me the chance?
    My feeling is damn confused now!!!!
    I dun think who can understand me in this moment.
    dun just knw hw to hurt me,
    you can sayang you also de.
    But will you still sayang me???

    ♥ 4/3/2010
    Thursday, March 4, 2010 -{'5:15 AM
    I write my blog again.
    Suddenly I have many feeling in my heart.
    The feeling is back.
    I can sad and dun let any ppl knw,
    cause I dun wan affect other ppl emo,
    especially my dear, Angel Ying.
    I forgive you everything not because Im stupid,
    it is because I wan treat myself bad also dun wan treat you bad, my dear.
    You are a good girl,
    but you are a bad girl too.
    You honestly told me everything,
    just because you wan back to him.
    I dun wan you feel sad, so I let you go try with him back le.
    actually I dun wan do that.
    but this kind of heart pain,
    I think I still can tahan a bit.
    Before I act like normal,
    actually I just wan to give you a reason that you can happily with him.
    Love is a thing that cant court clearly.
    I hope you really can get the happiness that you wan from him.
    "Triangel" love must nid a person to get lost.
    So, let me get lost.
    the word-FOREVER,
    I let you and him complete it.
    I knw the time when you said you choose him, you are sad.
    the world wan to break us.
    When my mind occur the time when we sweet sweet,
    I really so sad so sad!
    I dun knw when my sadness will be end,
    maybe it wont end.
    Why we love each other,
    but we cant together?
    Why our love nid change to memory?
    I can forget the time or forget myself,
    but I cant forget the time we were together and how sweet we were.
    What he gave you that make you can forgive him even he hit you?
    Angel, Is that Im starting losing you?
    Dear, Im waiting you answer me.
    What you said to me, really so easily jiu can forget le?
    Will you dun care me in one day?
    The life without you, Angel is tired and full of sad.
    You think you choose the right one,
    I just can wish you are correct.
    I cant love the one who I most hope to love so
    Who I love is not my girl friend,
    I found myself really love you so deep.
    Who I love alr gt her boy friend.
    Dear, you block all my hope and keep on said IMPOSSIBEL to me.
    Really impossible?
    Actually I dun wan wish both of you are happy.
    Am I so weird?
    I dun wan wish both of you happy,
    because if I wish you happy with him,
    it seem like I give up you, my dear.
    I cant put down,
    you can feel Im small gas or jealous,
    I will keep myself alive,
    I want wait for you love me back.
    I believe you will miss me and think dou me in a part.
    No matter what is going wrong,
    Angel, you still have me beside you.
    You left so much sweet memories to me,
    it is enough to fill my lonely.
    I will wait for you back to me.
    It is because.....
    I LOVE YOU deep deep.!!!!!!!
    I love you, AngelYing
    ♥ 3/3/2010
    Wednesday, March 3, 2010 -{'8:42 AM
    Midnight now.
    Just back from you cha with my dear, Angel.
    I have a goodbye kiss from you, dear.
    We talk non stop,
    keep on chitchat.
    Have fun and laugh sei.
    During we yum cha, dear keep on sms with other ppl la.
    Suddenly I saw one of the ppl is him.
    Dun knw why, I feel upset.
    Gt BEH SHUANG de feel.
    Crazy la..
    I gt no qualification to have those feel.
    I keep on act in front of you,
    I think dear, you also can feel that.
    I keep on said want to kiss other girls, chase other girls..
    I knw you BEH SHUANG,
    but I just can ACT!!!
    actually, I dun hope to say so...
    My heart gonna pain non-stop when I act in frot of you.
    I wan be myself,
    I wan show you my feeling,my emo..
    but I cant!
    I must care your feeling also..
    I must act like Im normal although I lost you..
    Then, you no nid feel FAN and can have nice time..
    I can let myself sad, let myself pain..
    but I cant let you have those feeling!!!
    You are my dear, my princess,
    Im born to bring you happiness,
    but not sadness.
    Although I dun hv any qualification,
    but I wont stop bring you smile.
    Because, make you feel happy is my job,
    and it is no nid any single reason.
    I LOVE YOU!!!
    I said many times of that..
    but everytimes I also said it out from my heart.
    Because Im really so LOVE YOU...
    When I reach home, you asked me call you..
    I call you immediately,
    and I get a BAD NEWS!!!!
    You are BIG HEAD PRAWN!!!
    forget bring key and cant go into house..
    occur in my mind..
    I worry you will kidnap by people.
    I worry you dun have place to stay.
    I worry you feel cold at outside.
    I worry you alone at outside.
    I worry you will feel lonely.
    I worry everything about you.
    It is because I CARE YOU!!!!
    I can do anything for you,
    because I love you.
    What you wan me to do or change,
    just tell me.
    You dun wan me act in fronf of you,
    I DUN ACT!
    You dun wan me contact with any girls,
    You wan me take a english name,
    Thats why I call Anson.
    You dun wan drink anymore,
    I didnt even touch the alcohol bottle.
    You dun allow me clubbing,
    No more clubbing in my life.
    Just tell me what you wan to do or change,
    I will attend that and do so.
    Dun worry, I wont feel pressure to promise you anythings,
    because I LOVE YOU.
    I dun knw I act in front of you will hurt you so much.
    SORRY, my dear.
    Im realy so sorry to you.
    So, start from now, I wont act anymore.
    I will be the real Kong Siew Weng back.
    Let me show you...
    I miss you now!!!
    Do you?

    HeartAngelYing <3
    Tuesday, March 2, 2010 -{'5:38 AM
    Before I wrote the blog.
    I asked you again
    but you told me CANT!
    my heart really....
    cant find a word to describe it.
    In today, you told me you cant lost me,
    you want with me but you cant do that.
    You hope can with me, but you are with him now.
    You said you love me, like me..blablabla.
    Im so DAMN happy!
    When I working, I receive those message,
    I jump up on a road.
    So many people look at me.
    PAISEH la.
    I thought I gt the chance to couple back with you,
    but you broken all my hope.
    YOU SAID NO!!!
    Oh my god, my heart separate! Broken!
    I love you, Angel Ying.
    my friends said you are fooling me,
    but I scold them back.
    I said you wont fool me!
    I have no feeling to anything now except you.
    I dun even feel pain when I knocked my head to the wall.
    I just get back my feeling,
    when I received your message while some of them are hurt me.
    I just get back my feeling,
    when I call you or you call me.
    You want me happy.
    OK, I force myself to be happy, I show you my happy face,
    I act I dun care anything.
    I act I accept you and him.
    I act everything because just want to make you happy.
    although I feel so sad and heart pain,
    but I wont show you.
    as long as you are happy.
    Hate me , click here . (:

    designer. basecodes. xo.

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